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25 March 2013 @ 03:57 pm
Well, Lj, it's been quite a while.I hate the fact that i couldn't find any time to post regularly, but as this is my last year of highschool and in 3 months i'm having the most important exams of my life,i presume i can honestly say that i've been quite busy.
And now i came here to talk about my latest addiction, which is watching youtube videos.But not any kind of youtube videos.Cup of Team's videos.At this point, (if anyone will ever read this), you might be wondering what the hell Cup of Team is.It's actually a youtube channel, that belongs to 2 young boys who make sketches and sometimes comment upon some very bad songs.Today i'm celebrating a month since i discovered their channel, but I swear i'll never forget that day, because their videos managed to change me in so many ways.I was going through a very bad period.I was feeling sad and alone and some days I couldn't even find enough motivation to get out of bed and go to school so I missed a lot of classes just because I was depressed and I was afraid I'd burst our crying in front of everybody.
From the very first video that I watched, I instantly realised that I was already hooked and there was no escape.Fortunately, they already had about 140 uploaded videos and for a few days all I did was watch Cup of Team.It may sound silly, but due to them i remembered that life can also be happy and fun and well, to sum it up, they brought back my hope, motivation and happiness.I don't really know how to put everthing into words, there are too many complex feelings here.On the one hand I'm happy because I can watch their videos everytime i feel down and put myself in a good mood, but on the other hand i feel a little bit frustrated because I can't really tell them how thankful i am and well...Maybe it's just a temporary teenage obsession and when I find something else I'm gonna completely forget about Cup of Team.Ehm, i really hope things won't take that route.
Anyways, enough with my rambling.If anybody reads this, I shall leave some videos here, in case you want to check them out( and I recommend you do so, because they are awesome and really really funny, without swearing and vulgar jokes and anything like this)

    There's no much to say.As usual, I spent my holiday at home, getting totally lost in the abyss of the internet on websites such as facebook, twitter and tumblr.
I cried my heart out after the Merlin finale and I guess this is the most worth mentioning thing that happened.
    Then, a few days after i got over my Merlin depression, i started watching Sherlock, which is indeed a very good show, but sadly it only has 6 episodes.
    I've been pretty active on twitter these weeks and i met some cool people.Of course it's awkward when you talk to somebody and you don't even know their name, age or nationality, but these things almost don't matter when it comes to the merlin fandom.We really behave like a big&happy family and i love the fans for that.
     Also, i've seen how supportive they were trying to collect as many votes as possible for Merlin and Colin Morgan so that they could win the NTA for "the best drama" and "the best actor".Even though i know there's no use mentioning it here,because nobody reads my lj, people please vote for Merlin at NTA.Here's the link  http://www.nationaltvawards.com/vote .The guys really deserve it, as they've worked so hard to give us 5 years of this awesome show.
06 January 2013 @ 04:19 pm
It was a little bit weird, yet so cute.I think I dreamed about Colin before, but i couldn't remember anything in the morning.However, today was different.I woke up and i could remember most of the details.So, at the beginning i was standing on the corridors of my highschool, which were extra crowded with a lot of people.I don't know what we were all doing, i guess we were waiting for something, but the main thing is that Colin was also there!! When i first saw him, i didn't have the guts to go and talk to him, but one of the girls from my class was trying to flirt with him and i got so annoyed, because he responded and then he was looking curiously at her.From this point on, i can't remember anymore what happened on the corridors , but then i found myself in the bus station and colin was also there.This time i went and talked to him, but then the buss arrived and when we got in i took a seat next to him and he hugged me.And i was like "omg, omg, this can't be true".In fact, it wasn't, because unfortunately everything was just a dream.As we were standing next to each other in the bus, we talked a little and he told me that he had to get off the bus at the next station,because he needed to take the train and leave.I felt so disappointed that he couldn't spend a little more time with me.And this is where i woke up.I wish i could remember more.Arggghh it was such a beautiful name, i really want to have more dreams about colin <3
03 January 2013 @ 05:01 pm
    These days I've been thinking a lot.Thinking about the future and what exactly i want to do with my life after i finish high-school.I haven't even decided what university i should go to and considering that there are only 5 months left, this is a bad thing.I've realised that i want to do so many things like becoming a singer, starting an acting career, writing a script for a movie,becoming a detective, even trying to become a teacher.The order is random and i guess every single job among these would be a challenge for me.But the truth is that these are only my hidden and "almost impossible to fulfil" dreams and nobody, not even my parents or closest friends, know about it.
    I guess it's an obsession i've had ever since i was a kid that brought these things to my mind again.I remember that i've always wanted to do something big and remarkable, something that i should be very proud of.Nevertheless, this is very paradoxical as i'm not the type of person who usually stands out in a crowd and does everything just to be noticed.NO.I'm shy and introvert and there are many times when i hate myself for being like this.I'm too afraid of failure and that's why i prefer to stand in the shadows all the time.But i still have hope that one day everything will change, that i'll regain my courage and i'll be able to confront anything that would stand in my way.
    So, i haven't come to any conclusion yet.I'm still uncertain and insecure and my father reminds me every day that i have to make a decision.My parents want me to go and study economy or engineering, but this is definitely not what i want to do my entire life.The engineering university is so hard and almost all the students are complaing about it.I can also take this as a challenge, but do i really want to torture myself studying something that doesn't appeals to me?I'm pretty sure i don't.I would have liked to study in UK, but now it's too late for that.I even gave up on sitting the IELTS exam, because it's useless if i don't go and study abroad.
    In a few words, that's the story of my life.Always irresolute, never really sure about what i want to do next.
30 December 2012 @ 11:54 am
The last episode was aired about 6 days go, but these days I've been so devastated and shaken up that i couldn't really put down my thoughts without the risk of bursting into tears and i'm sure most of the merlin fans have experienced the same feelings.Now i think i'm feeling better, i've got over the post merlin depression.
Without any more introduction, let's get straight to the subject.
I decided not to read any spoiler before the finale, but what a bad decision that was.I guess most of the fans were already aware of the fact that Arthur would die, but it wasn't the case for me.I was pretty positive that Merlin would have a happy end, despite all the spoilers and hints that especially Alexander Vlahos gave to the fans.I was thinking that it is was just a way to promote the series and make people more excited, but no.It was actually the sad and painful truth.
Although it has brought a lot of pain and tears to me, the last episode was brilliant.I loved it from the very beginning and there were  some particular scenes that are worth to be remembered.
  The first one was when Merlin disguised as the old wizard came and helped Arthur in the battle.Even though the king had no idea who the sorcerer was, i guess he kind of felt a strong connection with him, as his appearance surely gave him the power to go on and fight.It was a beautiful moment, not as emotional as the following scenes, but it was still good.
  Arthur's and Mordred's fight.At this scene my heart was beating so fast and i was praying that they would not stay true to the legend.I wanted Merlin to show up and stop Mordred's wicked plan to kill Arthur, but it didn't happen.I was really taken aback by how quickly everything ended as I was expecting a tough fight between those 2, a fight that would last for at least 2-3 minutes, but i actually don't think the scene was longer than 1 minute.When Mordred stabbed Arthur i though i'd go crazy and in my mind i was like "Oh, crap, and now he's gonna die like this, without knowing anything about Merlin", but then Arthur regained his powers and stabbed Mordred back with a deathly shot.I felt sorry for Modred's death, because deep in my heart i wanted him to redeem himself and apologise to Arthur for turning to the dark side.
  After the battle, Arthur woke up in the woods, seeing Merlin standing by his side.I was so relieved when i saw Merlin again as himself and not as the old sorcerer as I was afraid that they would make him stay like this during the whole episode.And then it comes the most wonderful, amazing and breath-taking scene of the whole show:THE MAGIC REVEAL.I'm really out of words when i think about this one.The way Merlin was crying and holding Arthur's hand, how Arthur refused to believe until Merlin showed him that trick with the fire, everything excedeed my expectations.Flawless.
  From now on, I think that every piece of dialogue is worth mentioning.I'll just list them down, because if i would comment upon each scene, I wouldn't even finish writing this by nightfall.So, here they are:Arthur's disappointment after finding out he has been decieved by the one he trusted the most, Gaius' arrival and how he told Arthur that Merlin is one of the greatest sorcerers who have ever lived, the moment when Arthur and Merlin were discovered by Morgana's men and Merlin used magic in order to protect Arthur, the scene in the woods when Merlin is trying to light up a fire and Arthur is like " why don't you use magic?", Merlin's trying to feed Arthur, while the king is confused how he can still act like his servant(this one in particular was very touching, because even if Arthur was upset and disappointed , i could still feel the chemistry between them).
  Another beautiful moment was when Gwen realised who the old sorcerer was.I feel glad that at least she learnt about Merlin's magic.
  I don't know what happened, but now that i got closer to the finale scene, i can't find the power to continue writing this.I really wanted to comment upon that scene, but i guess it just speaks for itself and it doesn't need further comments.I'll always keep that moment in my mind, because, to be honest, I never thought that Merlin would make me feel so emotional.I was used to laughing while watching Merlin, not crying.But i guess there's a first time for everything, isn't it?
  What came after the finale were 2 horrible days, when i couldn't think of anything else, but Merlin and how Arthur died.Every time i remembered the moment, i burst into tears.I was extremely sad, but then i realised that i should remember Merlin for those happy and hopeful moments.This show will always have  a special place in my heart and maybe 10 years from now i'll still watch Merlin and enjoy every moment.
19 December 2012 @ 01:50 pm
Ok, so i feel like a huge stalker right now, because all the morning i've been reading alex vlahos' posts on twitter.And they were about 3000!! I couldn't help it anymore when i found a pic of his lovely cat, dr watson.Unfortunately for some unknown reasons i couldn't save the original photos in my pc so i had to make prinscreens.But i think i've said enough.I'll let the pics talk for themselves.

16 December 2012 @ 08:04 pm
Since last night, i've been reading all kinds of impressions about this episode.Some of the people are sympathising with Mordred, while others now hate him.I think that for me it's 50/50.
On the one hand, i can understand his reaction.He has all the rights to be mad at Arthur for killing the one he loved and especially at Merlin for telling Arthur about his intention of saving Kara.And somehow i'm happy, because i realised that all this time he has been a good guy and Merlin was wrong not trusting him.While watching the previous episodes i could never figure out what his real plans were and whether he was a friend or foe.Every now and then i had the feeling that everything is a lie and he's actually working for Morgana or even worse he is planning to kill Arthur and take revenge on his own.Yeah, but now i know that he was sincere from the start and that's why i kind of feel sorry for him now.And i liked how he stood up for Arthur when he was talking to Kara, telling her that he's a good man, not like Uther.
On the other hand, i didn't like the fact that he acted so recklessly and immediately went to tell Morgana who Emrys is.He was overwhelmed with anger and couldn't think clearly.Why, mordred, why?Now that stupid prophecy will really come true??I hope not.Arthur can't die, not as long as he has Merlin by his side.And what's with that scene from the teaser when Merlin whispers that he lost his magic???
Now i'm so excited about the last episodes.Thanks god this is the last week of school and i won't have too many things to do, because otherwise i wouldn't be able to concentrate at all, because my thoughts would fly to merlin.And i don't even want to think about how i will be on the first day of christmas after the finale..
09 December 2012 @ 11:11 pm
As almost all my classmates already have an English certificate and I'm among the ones who don't, I've decided to sit the IELTS.This is mostly because if i have a certificate i won't need to sit the  English exam scheduled at the end of june, which is part of the national exam from my country called the BAC. 
So, i'm a little bit afraid, because sitting the IELTS was a kind of eleventh-hour decision and i started preparing just 2 days ago.Until last week, i was pretty sure that i don't want any certificate, because i thought CAE  was way too hard and needed a lot of grammar knowledge and about IELTS i didn't know many things. However, i heard one of my classmates saying that he would sit the IELTS in february, which made me think "why shouldn't i give it a try?"If i chose to sit the national exam i would get too agglomerated, because in that period I also have another 3 exams, which are of utmost importance for my future.
I haven't signed up for the exam yet, so there is still time to change my mind...I don't feel prepared enough, as my english is now a little bit rusty and in two months time i don't know how much i will be able to improve my vocabulary, speaking and listening skills...Come what may...
05 December 2012 @ 08:10 pm
There days I've been thinking pretty much about continuing my studies abroad and the country where i would like to go is England.I really can't stand my country anymore, because here everything just sucks.However, i think it's a little bit too late to send in my application now and i didn't even tell my parents about this crazy idea, so yeah...Until now, I kept saying that studying abroad is out of the question for me, but now i realise it would be worth trying.At least i can send my application and see whether i'm accepted or not,  ever if i can't go over there, because i think it would be very hard for someone shy and introvert as me to adapt to a new study environment where i'm all alone.
03 December 2012 @ 09:15 pm
Whoaaaaa this totally made my day.I really have no words to describe the happiness i'm feeling right now.
Ok...now calm dowm and let's take it from the beginning.
On Friday, while i was searching for interviews with Colin Morgan, i came across this site called radiotimes.com. There was a topic in which fans could ask him a question, that may have the chance to be put to Colin at his today interview.Of course i posted a lot of questions, from the most stupid ones to the one that actually got to be part of the interview!!!!!Here's my question..I had to printscreen it to convince myself that i really asked this.Well of course, now i don't wanna seem conceited or anything.I'm pretty sure there were more people who asked him the same question, but i didn't have the patience to read them all.I'm sooo hapy that he answered my question, even if they modified it a little, because i think the grammar was wrong...whatever..so here's the proof
merlin3That's my question.

And here's the question from the interview:
I'm so sooo happy.And he laughed :D.Now my life is complete xD.

And here's the whole interview : http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2012-12-03/merlin-colin-morgan-answers-your-questions-on-doctor-who-plans-for-the-future-and-juggling